If you found a rock or you placed a rock, then you’ve come to the right place. Our “Rock Project” is an attempt to make a difference in the Roanoke Valley and beyond. People change when they know Jesus Christ, and that is the difference. This is an “awareness project” by the ladies of the WMU, here at Enon Baptist Church, to give folks some insight that Jesus is our Rock and that he is available to everyone.

If you found a rock, please let us know where you found it and any other pertinent circumstance surrounding its discovery. We’d love to send you additional information on discovering the love of Jesus and how to form an eternal relationship with God.

If you placed a rock, please let us know where you placed it and what prompted you to place it in that location. Keep checking the website to see if your rock has been found and possibly the name of the finder.

Who can tell what possibilities will come for those who “find a rock”. Whether you are a rock finder or a rock placer God has a place in his Kingdom for you. Help discover the possibilities!


  1. Phyllis Jeter

    Rocks were placed in Savannah, GA, Cocoa Beach, FL, Key West, FL, Costa Maya, MX, Beaufort, SC, Beckley, WV and Chatham, VA. If you find a rock, please let us know. I hope you feel God’s blessing and love.

    • Donna Moore

      I hand delivered a rock to Brooklyn Tabernacle Church in NY Dec 29 2019
      I pray the Lord will hand deliver His message to the person most in need.
      PS… Airport TSA allowed me on an airplane with the rock ! It actually had wings that day What an awesome way to spread the good news.

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