Debbie Giles

Debbie grew up in Virginia on a farm. She went to a Catholic church as a child and teenager with her mother, grandmother and brothers regularly. She learned the importance of prayer, confession and loyalty to God in her family life. At the age of 17 she started attending a Baptist church and heard about salvation in Christ. She surrendered her life to Christ and was baptized.
Debbie knows the importance of making the choice to trust in Jesus for all people, also the need for all to repent and to live for Him. Also the importance of obedience and staying in His Word to know His will and to follow His will. God has given her a burden for the lost. She prays for the lost sinners and each of God’s saints.
Debbie loves and enjoys spending time with the blessings from God in her life: her husband and their children, grandchildren, family and the friends that God has blessed them with. She loves spending time each morning in quiet time with the Lord.
She helps her husband, Glenn in the ministry of Enon by visitation, training, witness, directory, membership, prayer and serving the Lord as Enon’s ministry assistant.