Vicky Carrell

Vicky has always attended Enon Baptist Church.  That’s a rare statement this day and age, but it is very true.  She was a bed baby at this church and has remained a steadfast member through every stage of her life.  She was married to her husband, Gary, here at Enon in 1981, and both have received a blessing through their service to the church over the years.  Vicky has served as the Sunday School Superintendent for several years and has lead the WMU ladies via several different capacities.  No job seems to be too big or too small for Vicky, her willingness to serve the people of Enon is simply a reflection of her love for the Lord.

Vicky’s occupation at William Byrd High School keeps her busy during the week with what she enjoys the most, helping people. Her duties as Administratve Assistant lend themselves to her use of her spiritual gift, that of hospitality. Staff and students alike have grown dependent upon Vicky to be there for them in times of need. If you think there is no longer prayer in school, then you don’t know Vicky.