New Men’s Ministry Begins

The Discovery Bible Study series began in October with 11 men in attendance. We met again in November and the number in attendance grew to 12. That is a very meaningful number when considering God’s work with men and the impact they made on the world. Now, I’m not suggesting that we 12 will have such an impact on “the world”, but it is possible for us each to have an impact on our part of the world. After all, we serve the same Master as the two Jameses. We carry the same message as Peter and John. The same truths scour our hearts as they did Andrew and Thomas. And we are challenged to walk the same path of perfection as Bartholomew and Thaddius. Their helper and teacher throughout their years of challenges was Jesus and He is ours, as well.

With Jesus’ help we, too, can walk steadfastly, speak boldly, and serve unerringly as we seek to meet the challenges we encounter in “a weird world”. Seeing the world through the lens of Jesus’ teachings helps us to understand that Christian men must stand together against the weirdness of the world.

Please, join us at the next opportunity to learn to walk with Jesus in a weird world.

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